2022 5th International Conference on Computer Information Science and Application Technology (CISAT 2022)

Professor Yiyuan Xie


Professor Yiyuan Xie | 解宜原教授

Southwest University, China | 西南大学

Yiyuan Xie, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Southwest University, Director of Key Laboratory of Network and Cloud Computing Security of Universities in Chongqing, Associate Dean of School of Electronic Engineering. Prof. Yiyuan Xie is a Ph.D. in Engineering, professor, member of the Communist Party of China, doctoral supervisor, visiting scholar of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chongqing Yingcai Projects for Innovation and Entrepreneur Leading Talents in the field of education, and reserve candidate for academic and technical leaders in Chongqing. His research fields include optical network-on/inter-chip, ultra-high-speed optical communication systems, secure optical communication technology, etc. Prof. Xie is the paper reviewer for IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology and other related mainstream journals in China and abroad; he is also a member of the program committee of many international conferences such as 2014 IWMSA and 2014 ICSC, and the project review expert of Ministry of Science and Technology and National Natural Science Foundation of China, among others. Up to now, he has published more than 100 academic papers (more than 30 as the first author or correspondent author) in world-famous SCI-indexed journals, including IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, IEEE Photonics Journal, as well as international conferences such as DAC. Prof. Xie has chaired over ten projects such as military defense projects, sub-project under 863 Program and National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has been authorized more than ten national patents and more than 30 utility model patents.

解宜原教授,网络与云计算安全重庆市高校重点实验室主任,电子工程学院副院长,香港科技大学访问学者,重庆英才·创新创业领军人才(教育领域)、重庆市学术技术带头人后备人选,研究领域包括:芯片上/间光网络、超高速光通信系统、保密光通信技术等。IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technolog 等相关领域的国内外主流期刊的论文评阅人,担任2014IWMSA、2014 ICSC等多个国际会议的程序委员会委员,担任科技部、国家自然基金委等项目评审专家。近期在包括IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology、IEEE Photonics Technology Letters、IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems、IEEE Photonics  Journal等 SCI收录的著名国际期刊以及DAC等国际会议上发表学术论文100余篇,其中第一作者或通讯作者30余篇。主持军工项目、863子项目、国家自然科学基金等10余项项目;获授权国家发明专利10余项,实用新型30余项。