2022 5th International Conference on Computer Information Science and Application Technology (CISAT 2022)

Professor Tao Zhang


Professor Tao Zhang | 张涛教授

North China University of Technology, NCUT, China | 北方工业大学

Professor Tao Zhang, National High-level Talent, is a high-level overseas talent introduced by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee as a distinguished expert. He is Chief Scientist of Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Co., Ltd. of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation, Vice President of Beijing Western Returned Scholars Association, President of the Electronic Branch of Beijing Experts Friendship Association, and a distinguished expert of the Beijing Overseas Talent Aggregation Project. He is a leading high-end talent of the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Garden, the winner of the Beijing International High-end Business Talents Award, a chief technical expert of the Golden Shield Project, an expert leader of the Key R&D Project of Informatization Construction of National Development and Reform Commission, an expert of the National Informatization Project, a member of the Expert Committee of the National Science and Technology Award, and an expert of the Key R&D Special Expert of the Ministry of Science and Technology and National Natural Science Foundation of China. Prof. Zhang used to be the chief software architect of Volkswagen Computer Expert System in Germany, a senior consultant of the banking business of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, and the vice president of the technology and operation department of Bank of America. He is engaged in the research and application of big data core algorithms, data integration and data governance, and design and construction of powerful intelligent engine middle and backstage platform architecture, which can provide all-around support for applications in various fields of forestage scenarios. He has also led the design, development, and implementation of 28 intelligent application systems, including (1) smart financial risk prevention and control, (2) smart city, (3) safe city, (4) intelligent transportation, (5) smart medical care, (6) smart government affairs, (7) intelligent manufacturing, (8) smart tourism, (9) smart community, etc., which offers the most advanced intelligent application platforms for the Internet of Things and big data. 

张涛教授,中组部国家引进海外高层次人才“特聘专家”,航天科工集团航天长峰首席科学家,北京欧美同学会副会长,北京市专家联谊会电子分会会长,北京市海外高层次人才“海聚工程”特聘专家,国家中关村科技示范创业基地“高端领军人才”,北京市国际“高端商务人才”奖励,国家金盾工程首席技术专家,国家发展与改革委员会信息化建设重点研发项目专家组长,国家级信息化项目专家,国家科学技术奖专家委员会成员,国家科技部重点研发专项专家,国家自然科学基金专家。曾 任德国大众计算机专家系统首席架构师,美国IBM公司银行业务高级咨询顾问,美国银行技术与运营部副总裁。从事大数据核心算法研究和应用,数据集成和数据治理,强大的智能引擎中台和后台架构设计和建设,提供前台应用场景的各领域应用的360全维度支持,全程领导了28项智能应用系统的设计开发上线实施,为:1.智慧金融风险防控,2.智慧城市,3.平安城市,4.智能交通,5.智慧医疗,6.智慧政务,7.智能制造,8.智慧旅游,9.智慧社区,等行业应用,提供了最先进的物联网和大数据智能应用平台设计和建设。