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Daqing scenery

Daqing Feitian ski resort is located near one of the symbols of Daqing -The Times Square. The soft snowflake lighting up the ski resort builds up the coasting path for the skiers. If you want to be around by the beautiful snow, and if you want to fly yourself in the beautiful snow scene, Daqing Feitian ski resort is the best choice for you. With many people around, fantastic environment, safety equipment and grand field, the Daqing Feitian ski resort is absolutely a good place to go in winter.

Dangnai wetland habitat ecological village is located in the territory of the Yantongtun town, Duerbote County, Daqing City,  the downstream of Wuyuer River. Dangnai village, according to research, with 300 years of human history,consists of 4 original villages. Residents there mainly engaged in the cultivation,fishing, hunting, reed production, hand woven, with a population of less than 2000 people. Now the village is called Dangnai wetland habitat ecological village. The wetlands covering with a total area of 37000 hectares, is currently the first in China and the second in Asian preserved relatively intact original wetland. Here the aquatic resources, plankton, aquatic tubular more plant species, the number of large, according to incomplete statistics, there are 46 kinds of freshwater fish, 277 species of insects. Is a good place to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Duerbote Mongolia Autonomous County Grassland Racecourse was built in 1993, the annual event held in horse racing. Is a national characteristics, mainly in the game in horse racing, and the nationalamusement entertainment city. Oval racecourse in a total area of 150000 square meters, the center of the field to the green, the runway in a circle of 1000 meters, 8 meters wide, and can accommodate 10 horses competed in the race.

Daqing oilfield history museum is the first one to the oil industry as the theme of the site of the memorial. Former Daqing petroleum battle command department. In March 8, 2005, decided to "two homes" built in Daqing oilfield History Museum.In December 4, 2007, the national tourism scenic quality grade evaluation committee bulletin, Daqing oilfield history museum was named the national 4Alevel scenic spots, is the most "young" the national 4A level scenic spots.
Duerbote county is located in the ancient city of Hu Ji Tu Mo town about 3 km northwest of Leningrad village Tian Bei, from Taikang town to a tree of highway through the Hu Ji Tu Mo zhen.The approximate square layout of the ancient city, east-west width of 230 meters,250 meters long from north to south, a total area of 60000 square meters.The existing soil wall cross section is in the shape of an isosceles trapezoid,legend here was the Liao and Jin periods zhunbing ancient castle, the original city has 4 turrets, 6 horse, East and West, north city wall each 2, are now gone.Because of the important historical value, 1992 good field in Leningrad CityDuerbote county was identified as a key cultural relics protection units
Heming Lake Hot Spring Resort area is China's first "large original ecologicalwetland spa", covers an area of 20000000 square meters, is located in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province town - Lindian hot spring .By the planning and design of Japan's top design companies to health spa based,set business, conferences, vacation, leisure, entertainment, dining in one of the large-scale original ecological hot spring resort.
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