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Prof. BOUMERZOUG Zakaria  
Title: Metallurgical aspects of wiredrawing process of metallic wires

Brief introduction of Prof. BOUMERZOUG Zakaria's research experience:
1. Prof. BOUMERZOUG Zakaria have worked on some scientific topic like :
(1) Precipitation of second phase on some binary alloys like Cu-In, Ni-In, Al-Zn and Cu-Sb.
(2) Wiredrawing effect on metallurgical aspect of industrial copper and aluminum wires.
(3) Welding of steel and aluminum.
2. He have more than 30 scientific articles
3. He have participated in many scientific conferences by oral and poster presentations in different
cities like Paris, Prague, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Belfast, Manisa,
4. He have supervised more than 10 PhD students.
5. He is reviewer on some scientific journals.
6. He was a head of mechanical department and Metallurgy from 1998 to 2009.
7. He have conducted more than six scientific projects.
8. Honors and Recognitions :
(1)Award during international conference of materials science, Taif , UASK, 2012.
(2)Award during ICWET'14 Manisa, Turkey, 2014
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