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Prof. Jianling Xu  

The research areas are including: Environmental/ecological risk analysis and assessment, strategic environmental assessment, environmental planning and management, aquatic toxicology and pollution ecology chemical, pollution remediation and waste recycling, focusing on the environment risk and early warning research, the theoretical and practical research in waste management and ecologicalization,and solving environmental problems based on the method research combining macroscopic with microscopic.

She presided over 15 scientific research projects in recent five years, such as “the strategic environmental assessment model and application research on disposal of municipal household garbage”, “the research of health risk assessment and remediation technology on urban water sources”, “the ecological risk assessment on environmental hormone of heavy metals in wetland and the remediation technology research”. She participated in more than 10 national and provincial subject researches. Some are subitems of national science and technology major projects, and some are supported by Ministry of Science and Technology. For example: the key technology research of the ecological risk assessment for Songhua River water pollution, the Yitong River water ecological restoration technology integration and demonstration project, the regulation mechanism of urbanization research, and so on.
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