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Prof.Daniel(Jian) Sun  
Title: Influence of multilevel factors on Spatio-Temporal Evolution of online car-hailing demand from the perspective of New Restriction Policy, Shanghai
Abstract: Identifying and understanding factors that influence the demand of car-hailing service is essential for online hailing systems to improve the quality of service. This paper proposes a two-level growth model (GM) to identify the potential multi-level factors that may affect online car-hailing service demand. By using the massive datasets from Didi Chuxing, Inc., including both Didi Taxi and Didi Express services, the order number fluctuations at different urban circle zones after the implementation of restrictions on car-hailing service in Shanghai, 2016 were analyzed, in order to assess the competition and mutual complementarities between Didi Taxi and Didi Express, the two major services provided by Didi Chuxing. The relative market share of Didi Express was estimated to reveal the possible spatial and temporal factors related, which further demonstrates significant positive associations between online car-hailing demand and built environment factors, such as commercial/residential land use, public transport accessibility, as well as weather condition. Metro service availability and rainy weather were found correlated with relative higher market share of Didi Express service. Additionally, comparing to the regular road transit service, metro system was found to have stronger correlation with the car-hailing demand. Findings of this study may provide guidelines for urban planning and traffic operation processes, which in turn assists to achieve high quality car-hailing service for travelers. 

Dr. Daniel Jian Sun is a professor and deputy chair of Department of Transportation and Shipping Logistics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He obtained his Ph.d fromTransportation Research Center, University of Florida in 2009. His main research interests include Internet of Vehicles and urban traffic control, urban driver behavior and simulation, urban transportation environment. He has published more than 40 SCI/SSCI indexed journal papers since 2010, and has 24 papers accepted and presented in TRB annual meeting. He has been served in editorial committee board of several journals, including Journal of International Transportation (since 2012), Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Version) (since 2014), and the chief member of road and traffic engineering sub-committee, Shanghai Society of Civil Engineering (since 2012). Moreover, he has been an Expert Reviewer for the Transportation Science & Technology Project, Ministry of Transport, China, and the National Science & Technology Award since 2014.
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